Appliance Repair in Newmarket
Our company provides a full range of home appliance repair services

We buy all parts at wholesale prices, so we offer our customers favorable prices for repairs

We use ONLY ORIGINAL parts in our work

We are engaged in repair of home appliances since 2017!
- 20% off your first repair

Leave an application and get a 20% discount on your first repair!
How do we work?
Make a call or leave an application
Call our center, describe your problem, the same day our technician comes to you.
Diagnosis of the problem
Master repair washing machines makes diagnostics, voiced the cost of services;
Our technician does a great job
We will agree on a price and deadline, the master will start the work.

Testimonials from our customers
Thank you very much for the service! Master came exactly on time, and even on a holiday (which is rare)! Fixed my washing machine in 20 minutes, I even did not have time to get scared)) thank you very much! Your card is in a prominent place now!
Great service and low prices! The guys helped me repair my refrigerator when I already thought it wouldn't work anymore! Thank you!

I had an emergency. My helper washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston broke! What happened to her I do not know. I called, described the problem. At the appointed hour the master came. An hour later, my assistant was working as before! I SAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE MASTER'S WORK! Now I know where to call if something breaks. In the Plus Appliance know your business masters and reasonable prices. I will recommend them to my friends.

Great service. I don't know how, but the guys just saved my microwave. Thank you very much.

If you have contacted our service, email us at [email protected] We'd love to hear what you think of our work!
Why are we chosen?
3 years of work in home appliance repair
For a long time, we have made a huge number of repairs. Quick work and professional craftsmen are our advantage!
Fast diagnostics
Quick, high-quality and free diagnostics at our service center.
Individual approach
Fast repair at any time and place convenient for you.
Some facts about us
The rapid pace of troubleshooting is what we were able to achieve through the prompt departure of the master at home, the availability of the necessary tools and accessories.

Repair of household appliances inexpensive - the company's mission. We set adequate rates due to the fact that we buy supplies from manufacturers of equipment, while not working with intermediaries.

The official warranty
For all types of work you are sure to receive a warranty card if you contact the service center. "Plus Appliance" - a legal company, so we do not engage in hackwork, do not leave customers in trouble with malfunctioning equipment.

At Home
You call a specialist - he comes to carry out repairs in a short time. This makes life much easier for customers, saving them money, because now there is no need to look for a car in order to transport it to the service center.

Plus Appliance Repair Newmarket Facts
The company's achievements have not gone unnoticed by our regular customers.

Therefore, we aim to introduce the residents of Toronto with facts about our service center.

Frequent Questions
Question :
Can I pay by bank card?
Yes, you can pay for the work in cash and by bank card.
What is the warranty period?
The warranty period for repair work is 1 month, except for moisture treatment work. For works related to moisture treatment warranty is given for 1 day.
Do you use original parts for repairs?
Yes. We work only with new original spare parts supplied by the manufacturer.
[email protected]
474 Timothy St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 1P8, Canada
We are located in downtown Newmarket